Effexor released!

Sound design elements for Massive… $17!
Sound effects are cool and useful! That’s why I made Effexor, a set of Massive presets focused on all sorts of mechanical, sci-fi, robotic, electronic sounds. The great thing is that they are very customizable. Each of the 51 instruments in Effexor has 8 macro knobs set up for sculpting the sound to your liking. All the sounds in these demos are 100% Effexor:

Oddmospheres 2 and the Oddmobundle released!

More Massive madness for $17 USD!

Oddmospheres 2 includes 55 new instruments that delve into unexplored territories of edgy, unusual atmospheric anomalies. Amongst the spheres you will find pads, leads, things in between, drops and risers. Listen up:

…OR get both volumes of Oddmospheres together in the Oddmobundle

That’s 108 instruments for a delicious discounted price of $29 USD

WAS2 review at The Audio Spotlight

Check out this review of WAS2 at The Audio Spotlight.

SPOLIER ALERT: They thought it was ‘Awesome’ and gave it 5 stars!